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Take a glimpse into the IMPRINTED process.

The first phase of filming began in April 2021 for seven weeks. The shoot schedule includes: daily life on Maplewinds farm; dancers training with the pregnant mares Roxy and Pegasa; choreographic interludes in the barn and paddock;  the birth of Roxy's foal Lorenzo.

The second phase of filming has just completed from June 7-20th. The shoot schedule includes: Physical Listening workshops with the dancers, Carrie and Terry; equine ground skills training in the round pen and at liberty; choreographic interludes in the barn and paddocks; the birth of Pegasa's foal Lyra;  initial join up sessions with the dancers and foals.

During July and August, the dancers will continue their ground skills training with Carrie to deepen their connection with the foals.  The final phase of filming will take place from September to November.

Imprinted still 19.jpg


During the Autumn of 2021, the company reunites with the herd to refine the progress made during the equine training sessions over the summer months.  The foals are nearly 6 months old now and have begun to discover their independent stride.  The round pen training sessions yield exciting interludes of sustained, interspecies connection.


As the human/animal relationships deepen, new choreographic material emerges that captures the natural rhythms of movement.  Through patience, persistence and attentive physical listening, the improvised dialogue of dance and horsemanship finds its balance.

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