IMPRINTED captures an extraordinary occurrence: the co-creation of a choreographic language between three dancers, two mares and their newborn foals.


Just before COVID descended the Equus Projects was presented with a unique opportunity: To work with the newborn foals of two mares that have been our dance partners and mainstay of our equine ground skills training; To imprint Equus dancers on the foals at birth and explore uncharted dance-making and equine training territory, under the guidance of seasoned natural horsemanship trainers. IMPRINTED documents the gradual co-creation of a shared movement language between dancers and foals, as the horses teach humans to be better physical listeners and more effective communicators.


This is a story about listening, compassion and inters-pecies communication - themes that have powerful resonance in 2021, as the world emerges from a devastating pandemic. Humans must discover how to connect beyond 24/7 news feeds and invest in our capacity for non-verbal, physical listening.  

Behind the Scenes

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